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We are working toward offering online ordering in the meantime however, the only way to place an order is to call one of the numbers listed.

(+1-778-244-8673) or (+1-877-346-5646)

Here's a basic example of how your ordering process is gonna look. You'll start by calling the phone number provided by the website, listening to the automated message and pressing the corressponding order button. That will then connect you to one of our dispatchers who will help guide you in the ordering process, as well as adding you to the system to make the process easier for next time. Once we figure out all of the items you're after (Up to a maximum of 15 items per purchase) and which stores we need to visit (an additional $5 per additional stop beyond the first one) then we'll send you an esitmate that will show you how much you'll be paying us. Once you accept the estimate we'll dispatch our delivery driver to go and get your order, then updating the estimate to an invoice with the full and proper cost with all items included. From there you'll pay (Please be advised that as of right now we are only accpeting E-Transfer as our debit service is currently undergoing maitenance.) And we'll have our delivery driver get your items to you in two shakes of an otters tail.